Measurement Services



RF Test Solutions Ltd supplies measurement services through our ISO 17025 accredited laboratory, staff, and other facilities in Lower Hutt.  We have generation and measurement capability from DC to 26.5GHz, plus optical and limited measurements to 50GHz.  Our laboratory uses the same high performance instrumentation our customers might use to make their own measurements, and we have the staff with over 100 years technical experience who know how to use it.  This combined with the fact all equipment and procedures we use are calibrated and audited, means we are an ideal partner to provide measurement services.

Why would you want to use our measurement services?

  • We can make the measurements immediately…no need to wait for delivery of your own tools
  • We already understand the specification of our test equipment as we use it every day…we do not have to work out how to put a test system together
  • You can reduce critical time-to-market delays by giving us the bit of your job we know how to do
  • We provide independent measurement results using metrology principles and processes
  • You can pay us for a one off measurement when you cannot justify buying the equipment needed

What sort of things can we do?

  • Generation and measurement of electrical quantities such as voltage, current, frequency, impedance etc
  • Generation and measurement of RF signals
  • Generation of stimulus and stress conditions
  • Monitor/log parameters over time
  • Characterise devices or components from DC to uW frequencies
  • Use our RF shielded room to measure low level signals without ambient RF noise
  • Use our RF shielded room to test transmitting equipment on operational frequencies without causing interference

Please contact us with your specific requirements.

RF Test Solutions, Ground Floor, RF Test Solutions House, 409 Cuba Street, Alicetown, Lower Hutt 5010, New Zealand

Telephone: +64 4 570 2480, Freephone: 0800 738 378, Email: