RF Switching





RF Test Solutions can meet your RF switching requirements no matter how big or small.  If you want to do it yourself and buy components, or a complete solution, we have the suppliers and products.  Solutions include:

  • Switch elements in a variety of different RF configurations and drive requirements.  Elements can include things like termination of unused ports and multi-port selectors with equal electrical path lengths (Keysight Technologies (was Agilent Technologies Elctronic Measurement Group) & Pickering Interfaces).
  • GP-IB/LXI drivers to power switch elements for smaller solutions (Pickering Interfaces & Keysight Technologies).
  • Switch cards and switch driver cards for proprietry data acquisition platforms to integrate with other measurement requirements (Keysight Technologies).
  • USB based low cost drivers (Keysight Technologies)
  • PXI switch cards and switch driver cards (Pickering Interfaces & Keysight Technologies).
  • Remote controllable chassis with drivers for customers to breadboard their own solution using switch elements (Pickering Interfaces and Keysight Technologies).

Contact us with your requirements or click here to find links to our suppliers. 

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